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Raw vegetables are one of the best things you can eat – they cleanse your teeth and act as natural toothbrushes!

Did you know that you can actually eat your way toward a more beautiful smile? What’s good for your oral health is also good for the aesthetics of your teeth. Your smile gets its white shade and full look from enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth. While this is the strongest material in the body, enamel isn’t totally impenetrable. As you grind your teeth, eat and drink acidic substances, and indulge in sugary snacks, your enamel erodes. This allows the yellow dentin layer beneath to show through, and darks your entire smile.

Take a stand to improve your smile’s appearance and health! The tooth-friendly foods we recommend below are also great for your entire body. If you have any questions about how to make smart changes to your diet, just get in touch!

Stock Your Kitchen with Tooth-Healthy Foods

  • Unsweetened dairy – Dairy contains calcium, which is great for your teeth – but be sure to choose unsweetened yogurt and milk, as the flavored options are incredibly high in sugar.
  • Cheese – Cheese may actually have antibacterial properties within the mouth, and is delicious to boot.
  • Nuts – A great alternative to starchy or sugary snacks, nuts offer your teeth vital nutrients.
  • Lean protein – Chicken and fish deliver key vitamins that keep your smile (and entire body) strong.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables – Raw vegetables and raw fruit (non-citrus to avoid acidity) scrub away bacteria, cleansing your mouth.
  • Lots of lots of water! – Rinsing with water helps remove food particles and decay-causing acids, and also hydrates you.
  • Snack the right way – When eating an isolated snack, choose something on this healthy list. If you’re having a sweet or starchy treat, eat it alongside a full meal so that enough saliva is produced to rinse away acids.
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