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Does the thought of dental treatment make your stomach do an uncomfortable flip? You’re not alone: thousands of adults struggle with some level of dental anxiety. But you don’t have to just put up with the fear and nerves. We want every one of our patients to feel comfortable in the office, and we’ve taken strides to help make that possible. With laser dentistry, we’re able to provide soothing, effective treatment that is less stressful and more comfortable than you expect.

How Dental Lasers Work

Traditional dental tools like the drill manipulate tissue by means of friction. This causes heat, which is one of the triggers for accompanying pain. The drill also leaves something to be desired in terms of the patient’s sensory experience: the shrill whine of the drill and the sight of the drill tip can be sources of anxiety for fearful patients.

Dental lasers work differently to provide a new kind of dental experience. They ablate tissue, vaporizing water molecules to cut through hard and soft surfaces. They operate with just a gentle clicking sound, and are typically accompanied by a water spray to soothe the area. Because of the way lasers work, dental anesthesia is less necessary. Bleeding is reduced, and post-treatment downtime becomes less significant. Overall, lasers make it possible to provide dentistry that gets you back to regular life, unfazed, as quickly as possible.

Columbia Laser Dentistry and Your Next Procedure

Maryland Family Dentistry is proud to offer patients treatment with our soft tissue laser. It’s appropriate for a wide range of treatments, as the laser is incredibly versatile. A few of its most common uses include

  • Frenectomy – Some patients have bands of tissue in their mouths that restrict muscle movement. This most commonly applies to the tongue, with the tissue connecting it to the bottom of the mouth. A frenectomy cuts through this tissue to free up the tongue or lips, allowing full movement. A frenectomy performed with a laser will show minimal bleeding and quick recovery time.
  • Growth removal – Benign tissue growths can be uncomfortable, and patients typically want to remove their fibromas and aphthous ulcers (canker sores). Lasers make this possible with a simple, fast procedure.
  • Gum contouring – Reshaping the gums can be a cosmetic necessity, in order to expose more of the tooth or to make the gum line symmetrical. Contouring also corrects gummy smiles. Removing small portions of tissue will balance your smile.
  • Gingival troughing – Sometimes dentists needs to create a separation between the teeth and gums, in order to place crowns or treat gum disease. A soft tissue laser simplifies this process, for patients and dentists.

Why Lasers Soothe Dental Anxiety

Columbia laser dentist

For many patients, dental anxiety stems from negative past experiences. They’re therefore uncomfortable with standard dental tools and sensations. They may have a fear of injections, or despise the drill. They may be incredibly nervous about the prospect of pain. No matter the cause, it’s always beneficial to change the script.

Dental lasers do just that. By reducing the need for anesthesia (and thus, shots), taking away some stressful sights and sounds, and performing incredibly precise work, lasers make the entire experience more pleasant. Many patients who haven’t been able to pursue dental treatment out of fear find that a laser procedure changes the way they feel about the dental world. If you’ve been waylaid by anxiety in the past, we would love to introduce you to this new way of thinking. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about laser technology.

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