Columbia Botox When you examine your face in the mirror, do you feel good about what you see? We all have our flaws – and we tend to be more critical of our own than those around us. When your skin isn’t living up to the ideal you’d like it to, you feel less comfortable and confident. Your exterior dictates a good deal of the way you feel about yourself, and your skin is especially prominent. It plays a key factor in your sense of self.

Your skin is also vulnerable to the effects of time. As you lose hydration and fall prey to signs of repetitive muscle movement, your skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Today, your options for fixing wrinkles don’t have to include surgery. There are ways to get the rejuvenated skin you want without going under the scalpel – and the results will look entirely natural.

With Botox and dermal fillers, there’s an easier way. Maryland Family Dentistry offers both treatments to our patients. If you’re interested in
minimizing lines and emphasizing youthfulness, we can help.

How Do You Feel About Your Changing Skin?

We’re all for embracing signs of aging, but that’s easier said than done. Once you’re actually seeing wrinkles you may not have anticipated, things change. Many individuals are interested in smoothing a few of these lines, without undergoing a facial overhaul.

This is when cosmetic injections come in particularly handy.

 A Low-Key Commitment to Smoothing Wrinkles

Botox and Juvederm aren’t just non-surgical, they’re also gentle. This gentleness is present in both their treatment processes and their results. Post-treatment, you won’t look like you have an entirely new face. The fact that you got Botox or Juvederm won’t be immediately apparent. You’ll simply look refreshed and renewed. Those around you will detect that something has changed, but they won’t be able to put a finger on exactly what.

This allows you to treat your facial lines without broadcasting treatment. Want to maintain all the personality of your face without letting wrinkles take over? Then cosmetic injections are the right decision.

When Botox is the Wrinkle Treatment of Choice

Columbia BotoxOur foreheads show a great deal of our stress. As we move our eyebrows up and down, frown, clench our faces, and even concentrate, the muscles across your forehead are working hard. And when they contract, they pull your skin in different directions. As the years pass, this results in evidence appearing on the face.

Vertical and horizontal forehead lines stand out, and they can have a big impact on your confidence. With Botox treatment, the muscles responsible for their formation will be temporarily put to rest. The offending muscles will not respond to nerve signals, and will not contract. This allows the skin over them to remain relaxed, and the lines to smooth.

Botox only affects target muscles responsible for wrinkles. When your treatment is administered by a talented provider (like one of ours), you’ll still be able to emote as usual – and your face won’t look “frozen.”

Dermal Fillers Hydrate and Volumize

Columbia JuvedermBotox tackles wrinkles on the forehead, but what about the deep lines around the nose and mouth? Laugh lines are the result of decades of smiles, but they’re nothing to laugh about. With Juvederm treatment, the skin is supplemented with hyaluronan. This filler boosts the external layer of skin, smoothing even deep lines.

Juvederm is a synthetic reproduction of a naturally-occurring substance, so it’s rare for patients to have allergic reactions, and right for almost everyone.

Interested in learning more about fine-tuning your facial skin? Schedule a consultation with Maryland Family Dentistry today!

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