Columbia teeth whitening Are your teeth performing the way they should be? With a few simple tweaks, you could turn your smile into something far more powerful. A bright, beautiful grin speaks volumes – and it shows those around you that you care.

Teeth whitening is an incredibly simple treatment, but it leads to impressive personal gains. Whether you’re hoping to feel more confident, improve your social interactions, or boost your work performance, whitening will play a role in achieving your goals. Don’t believe the hype? Try whitening for yourself – it will just take one appointment to receive, and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

How The World Views White Teeth

Columbia teeth whiteningTo judge is human – there’s no getting around that. All we can do is make sure that the impressions others form of us are positive one. When you first meet someone, you create an idea of what they’re like based on superficial features. And your smile is typically the first thing they notice. A recent survey found users citing the smile as the most important feature in an attractive person. Being attractive to those around you makes you more desirable – not just romantically, but as a person.

A bright smile also conveys:

  • Great health – While beautiful teeth aren’t always healthy teeth, they’re likely to be in sound shape. Good health is one of the most appealing traits that you can posses. Everyone around you will want to share in your sound wellbeing.
  • Personal care – It’s important to show that you take certain pains with your appearance. This communicates respect for those around you, and leads to you looking like a winner (it may sound cheesy, but it’s true).
  • High self-esteem – When you look great, you feel great. Your inner feelings may not come across immediately, but a beautiful smile does. And people are universally drawn to confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Life

Once you’ve brought those changes into your life, you’ll start seeing the world treating you differently. Some patients even find that teeth whitening leads to them seizing the promotion they’ve been looking for. What areas of your own life would benefit from a shinier grin? It’s time to find out.

Finding Teeth Whitening in Columbia

We consume dark foods and drinks on a daily basis. As time passes, these substances deposit dark compounds in the enamel. Because enamel is porous, it allows these compounds to work their way into its surface. Teeth whitening exposes the enamel to a whitening agent (typically a form of hydrogen peroxide). This agent bleeds into the enamel, where it reacts with oxygen. As the reactions occur, the compounds disintegrate. They they harmlessly dissipate, leaving the smile brighter.

Another cause of a yellow smile is worn, weak enamel. Regularly drinking acidic beverages, grinding your teeth, and losing tooth structure to cavities will erode the enamel layer. Then, the dentin beneath shows through. Dentin is a dark yellow, and changes the shade of  your smile when visible.

Ready to fight back? Maryland Family Dentistry has whitening appointments available. If you’re interested in speedy, simple smile brightening, then your best bet is to schedule in-office bleaching. This procedure will take less than an hour, and will show immediate results. You’ll actually leave our office with whiter teeth in place.

If you’re interested in whitening on your own schedule, we can also provide a home whitening kit so that you may take treatment into your own hands. Remember, this form of whitening is more gradual – and it will take weeks for you to see the final results.

Unhappy with a dim grin? Just get in touch!

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