Ellicott City Dental Implants, Glen Burnie Denture PartialsThose who have spent any amount of time with missing teeth are well aware of the daily strife that accompanies gaps in a smile. But dentures have long been a source of frustration for patients, leading them to weigh whether tooth replacement is worth it. We’re pleased to offer modern dentures, restorations whose fabrication, materials, and fit ensure tooth replacement without discomfort. Consider dentures if you are missing a number or all of your teeth.

Effects of Dentures on Patients’ Lives

Without a full set of teeth, chewing, biting, and speaking are all more difficult. Those missing teeth experience daily sets of frustrations centering on these activities. This leads to a lowered quality of life, and an affected mood. Even while patients are missing their teeth, their mouths are missing them as well. Spaces left behind by missing teeth allow for tooth shift, a change in bite alignment, and TMJ disorders. The gaps are also a welcome home for bacteria, allowing for a greater chance of periodontal disease and infection.

Replacing missing teeth has both immediate and ongoing advantages. Not only will daily duties be more comfortable and your mouth more effective, your oral health will be protected by the presence of dental structures. Dentures will help preserve remaining teeth, improve your experience of life, and improve your confidence by providing you with a new smile.

Partial Dentures

Should you be missing only some of your teeth, we will still work with you to find a restoration solution. Partial dentures don’t span the entire width of your mouth, but replace teeth in a personalized way. The framework of your partials will fit around your remaining teeth so that they support the restoration. Partials can be fixed or removable, depending on your preferences.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are an ideal way to supply dentures with additional stability. Implants emerge from your jaw to fit into your dentures, keeping them anchored in place. Implant-supported dentures feel and look even more natural than those without implants. If you’re interested, learn more on our dental implants page.

Contemporary dentures are so similar to your own teeth, few will be able to tell the difference. Contact our office to discuss your tooth replacement options.


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