Ellicott City dental bridge

A missing tooth has no business in your smile. The sooner you replace it, the sooner you can get back to life as usual – without compromising your health or happiness. Dental bridges are one of the least invasive, simplest ways to replace one or more missing teeth. If the teeth surrounding the gap are healthy and strong, your bridge will succeed.

Patients seeking an Ellicott City dental bridge can find help close to home. Maryland Family Dentistry has two locations to better server patients across the Baltimore suburbs. Those living in Ellicott City will find our Columbia office conveniently situated, just a ten minute drive southwest of their community.

If you’d like to learn more about receiving a dental bridge, get in touch today. Prior to your consultation, read more about the procedure to get better-acquainted with what you can expect.

Dental Bridge Procedure

  • Abutment teeth prepared – The teeth surrounding the gap need to be recontoured so that the bridge’s crowns will fit over them. Some of the enamel will be removed to create space. Local anesthesia prevents any discomfort during this tooth prep.
  • Impressions taken – Impressions of the teeth are made to act as a model for the entire bridge. These impressions are sent to the dental lab that will fabricate your final restoration.
  • Temporary bridge placed – This bridge protects the exposed teeth and gums, making it possible for you to smile, speak, and eat comfortably while waiting for your permanent restoration.
  • Final bridge placed – At your second appointment, the temporary bridge is removed and the new bridge put in its place.
  • Fit and bite perfected – Depending on whether you are receiving a fixed or removable bridge, the fitting process will vary. If your bridge is fixed, we will spend time checking the fit of the framework and your bite. Your teeth need to fit together comfortably after the new bridge is cemented, so this can require several visits to perfect.

Life with a Dental Bridge

Life with a bridge is remarkably similar to life with natural teeth. Bridges can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, and are able to work even longer with great oral hygiene and regular exams. You’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile the way you did with a full mouth of teeth, with the bridge functioning like a real tooth structure.

There will be an adjustment period during which you get comfortable with your bridge. But once this has passed, you’ll forget it’s not the real thing.

If you ever have questions about bridges, we’re here to help.

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