Ellicott City dental implants Your smile should be a powerful tool in your arsenal. But so many of us aren’t happy about the teeth we see looking back at us when we glance in the mirror. If you’re missing a tooth, the gap left behind acts as a reminder of all that you’ve lost.

We all suffer some level of dental damage. The difference between aging smiles lies in the action the patient has take to mask signs of time. Don’t let damaged or missing teeth make you feel second rate. Instead, take action and revamp your grin. By restoring your smile with Ellicott City dental implants, you improve your confidence, health, and happiness – and escape a tooth loss cycle that leads to ongoing depression and disrepair.

Missing Teeth in Your Daily Life

The immediately noticeable ramification of a missing tooth is a gap in your grin. But that’s not all that a lost tooth does to your life. Between the patient’s mood, ease of chewing and speaking, and confidence level, everything takes a hit. If you spend much time without all your permanent teeth, you also face problems with your health and your ongoing happiness.

Tooth Loss and Depression

Missing teeth kick off a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety – which ultimately lead to further tooth loss. We’re not being dramatic: studies have proven that patients missing teeth are more likely to be depressed, and that they’re then more likely to lose more of their teeth (through neglect of oral hygiene).

Once you’ve lost an adult tooth, you feel older than your age, less confident, and less capable. If you struggle with growing anxiety, it will also be harder for you to seek the dental treatment that you need. You may avoid regular dental exams, feeling ashamed of your current smile.

Other Consequences of A Damaged Smile

Even if the differences aren’t noticeable from day to day, as the years pass, you’ll see larger-scale problems taking hold. Long-term tooth loss can lead to

  • Shifting bite – Without all your teeth in place, the surrounding structures shift to fill the gap. This alters the alignment of your bite, leaving you struggling to chew properly and potentially causing jaw disorders.
  • Gum disease and cavitiesPeriodontal disease and dental caries take hold when plaque builds up on the teeth and gums. And a missing tooth provides the perfect site for disease to take hold.
  • Bone loss – Your teeth support healthy, full jaw bones. Without a tooth connecting to the bone, the osseous tissue will resorb (dissolve).
  • Changing facial structure – Your skin and bone structure are supported by your teeth. When you lose a tooth, your appearance is prone to a gradual change (and even premature aging).

Dental Implants Effect Positive Change – In More Ways Than One

Ellicott City dental implants

Once you’ve received dental implants, you can take some big strides forward. Not only will you have replaced your missing teeth – you’ll have done so in a way that makes you look and feel like your old self. This level of natural tooth replacement allows for improved function alongside a significant boost in confidence.

In addition to improving your outlook on life, implants will protect your health and your mouth. By preventing potential disease and avoiding signs of aging, you can keep hold of your youthful, vital self as long as possible – even after losing a tooth.

Don’t let a damaged tooth herald the slide into old age. You can fight back – and Maryland Family Dentistry can help. Get in touch to schedule a restorative consultation.

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