Ellicott City laser dentistry

Lasers aren’t just for the dance floor! Medical lasers have actually been in use for decades

We’re always working to provide more precise, efficient, and comfortable dental care. And the dental laser allows for a patient experience that neatly delivers all three of those goals. With the aid of this incredible tool, we’re able to provide ideal care to our patients, and help them improve their dental anxiety along the way.

Ellicott City laser dentistry is available at our Columbia office. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get more comfortable with lasers before experiencing them for yourself. You’ll find yourself viewing dental care in an entirely new light.

How Laser Dentistry Improves Dental Anxiety

Countless adults struggle with anxiety – and you don’t have to stay among their numbers. By accruing more positive memories of the dentist’s office, you can feel better about future procedures. Laser dentistry will help kickstart that process.

The aspect of a dental laser that patients really appreciate the most is its ability to enhance patient comfort. Lasers don’t function the same way dental drills and other traditional tools do. Instead of producing heat and friction, they cause water molecules in target tissues to vaporize, removing the decayed portion of the tooth. Soft tissue lasers cut through gums and other soft oral tissues without producing the same level of discomfort as a scalpel. Plus, the healing process will be faster and less likely to yield complications.

Because dental lasers produce such narrow beams, our dentists are able to complete your procedure without causing any collateral damage, and with fewer side effects (like microfractures) than those associated with drills.

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