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Are your teeth looking a little under the weather? After years of daily eating, chewing, and more, your smile isn’t always performing the way you’d like. Both form and function suffer as we age – but you don’t have to sit back and accept these changes. With Ellicott City restorative dentistry, it’s possible to restore your grin’s former glory.

No matter the state of your teeth, rehabilitation is a possibility. The broad spectrum of restorative services available at Maryland Family Dentistry make it possible to pursue crowns, dental implants, or even oral surgery. If you’re curious about what might be best for your teeth, just get in touch – we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation to tell you more.

When is Restorative Dentistry the Right Step?

The answer to that question is different for every patient, and depends on the way you feel about your teeth (as well as the way they’re working). Reflect on the following to determine whether it’s time to call your dentist:

  • Are you happy with the way your smile looks?
  • Are your teeth functioning properly? Can you eat and speak without difficulty?
  • Does your mouth feel comfortable and healthy, without pain?
  • Do you find it simple to maintain the current state of your smile?


If you answered any of those in a negative fashion, then it’s time to talk about a solution. Your days are hectic enough without poor dental function or smile-related self-consciousness. Plus, depending on your dental concerns, the solution could actually be simpler than you expect.

The first step toward a happy, healthy, and lovely smile is scheduling a restorative consultation. At this appointment, we will take x-rays, examine your mouth, and recommend a treatment plan. If you’re not feeling great about your grin, set one up today!

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