Ellicott City root canal

Stressing about an upcoming root canal? Learning more about the procedure will help you relax

What do you think is the most widely feared dental procedure? When it comes to general anxiety, patient feelings about root canals can’t be beat. The surprising part? Most of these patients haven’t actually experienced a root canal, they just have imagined ideas about what endodontic therapy is like.

American attitudes toward dental care are influenced by cultural messages about the office. Don’t let your perception of treatment prevent you from receiving the care you need. By learning more about your Ellicott City root canal before your procedure, you’ll be able to put some of your nerves at ease. Read on for some tips, and get in touch with any questions you may have.

What Happens During Root Canals?

Part of the reason for negative perceptions of root canals might have to do with the nature of the procedure. While it’s similar to a standard filling, endodontic therapy delves deeper into the tooth to clear out the root canals. Many patients view this as invasive.

The good news is that having your tooth roots cleared of infected pulp doesn’t have to be painful. With modern dental anesthesia both your discomfort and anxiety will be tamed. We’ll numb the treatment area with local anesthetic before getting started, so that you feel completely comfortable in the dental chair.

If you’ve had negative past experiences in the dentist’s office, this affects your future perspective and can impact your resistance to dental care. It’s time to find ways to move past those feelings, and feel better about pursuing the treatment you deserve. Whether you’d like to learn more about sedation, or chat with our staff about specifics of the root canal procedure, just contact us.

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