Ellicott City teeth whitening

During in-office teeth whitening, a specialized light activates the hydrogen peroxide gel

Worried about damaging your enamel? So are we! Our Maryland Family Dentistry team would never offer a treatment method that could harm your teeth. Whitening is no exception. If you’re concerned about brightening your smile, let us assuage your fears – read on for some tips on whitening the right way.

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The Safe Way to Whiten Teeth

  • The most important step is to be sure that you get professional guidance. If you’re whitening for the first time, check in with your dentist to get recommendations on products and whitening methods. Your teeth are unique, and certain practices will suit you better than others.
  • Check your sensitivity. If you have a smile that’s prone to twinges, you might want to start off with a fluoride treatment. This will strengthen your enamel and help you feel more comfortable while whitening.
  • Don’t overdo it. Whitening too intensely will lead to your smile looking unnatural or overdone. We always want to strive for natural-looking smiles, and going too bright rules that out. The rule of thumb is that you don’t want to whiten lighter than the whites of your eyes.
  • Try in-office treatment. When you’re entering the whitening world for the first time, in-office treatment is the way to go (for a few reasons). You’ll have more significant whitening to do because there are years of built-up stains. You will also be unsure as to how to whiten correctly, and benefit from chairside guidance. And when you whiten in the office, you see fast results without much effort.
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