What does your jaw pain mean, exactly? This question is harder to answer than you might think. The jaw is a delicate structure composed of interlocking pieces. When one malfunctions, the others struggle, and discomfort ensues. A single component might be out of place, and that could be the source of your pain. Ellicott City TMJ treatment will help you bring the issue to light.

The first step toward pain relief is determining the source of the problem. Our team is experienced in many types of jaw disorders, and we’ll help find the appropriate treatment method to bring comfort back to your jaw. Schedule a consultation at our Ellicott City location by filling out the form below, then keep reading to learn more about what your jaw pain might mean.

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Common Causes of Jaw Pain

  • Chronic clenching/grinding – Countless adults struggle with bruxism, or chronic bruxing and grinding. This most often takes place during sleep, when you’re not aware of what your jaw is doing. The muscles contract, clenching your upper and lower jaws against one another. We hold a great deal of stress in our jaws, and bruxism can lead to serious consequences. A bite guard will help immobilize your lower jaw and protect both your teeth and jaw joints.
  • Trauma – If you suffer a blow to the side of the face, don’t wait to seek out medical treatment. Something could be seriously wrong, and you should receive emergency attention.
  • Jaw disorder – TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is caused by any number of chronic problems. When you develop a habit that is routinely harmful to your jaw, or when a part of the jaw joint is damaged, repetitive motions lead to TMD.
  • Advanced decay/abscess – Sometimes, your jaw pain may not actually be about your jaw at all. Deep infection can cause pain in the area that radiates outward – either way, this merits professional attention.
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