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A recent article about the narwhal’s tusk (which is, believe it or not, actually a tooth) got us thinking about how incredible teeth are. The article discusses research that supports the tusk being a sensory organ that the narwhal uses to evaluate the salt content of water, which leads it to sources of food. Of course, we’re a little more excited about teeth than the average joe, being dentists and all, but even our human teeth accomplish some spectacular tasks. This post discusses a few of the things healthy teeth take care of to motivate our readers to invest in their own health health.

Healthy teeth boost confidence

Healthy teeth are (almost always) beautiful teeth. And with a gorgeous smile in place, you feel ready for just about anything. Patients who have received cosmetic or restorative dentistry to remake their smiles find that they gain a new lease on life. They feel more capable, more comfortable in their own skins, and more confident throughout every moment of daily life. A confidence boost makes you a more successful and self-actualized person, and it’s as simple as getting your smile in shape.

Healthy teeth stimulate great first impressions

Think about how you enter every interaction with another human being. Unless the situation is grave, you’re going to lead with a smile. And that smile is key – in a 2008 survey by Crest and the American Dental Association, responders ranked the smile as the most important physical attribute in attractiveness. Of course, you’re not seeking to attract everyone you meet, but this statistic points to larger ramifications.

Those around you form a first impression based on the first things they notice, and your smile is typically leading that group. Healthy, beautiful teeth communicate so much about you, including your health level, your personal care and investment in appearance, and even your personal capability. What does your smile say about you? Are you happy with that message?

Healthy teeth prevent some systemic health problems

Periodontal disease has been linked to other systemic problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and various complications (including issues during pregnancy). The inflammation that occurs when your gums are infected takes a toll on other parts of the body, but it’s avoidable. Your mouth is a window to the rest of your body, and an area that’s far more accessible than others. Take great care of it to see positive effects on your entire well-being.

Healthy teeth control your bite and jaw alignment

Ellicott City general dentist

This task may not sound as thrilling as the others, but it’s incredibly important. Imagine how hard it would be to live your daily life without a functional jaw and bite. You wouldn’t be able to bite or chew, and even speaking would be difficult. Your teeth play an important role in keeping your jaw functional, by properly aligning your upper and lower jaws (and preventing TMJ disorders). Should you lose a tooth to infection, your bite will begin to change. Brush, floss, and maintain regular exams to keep teeth in their proper places.

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