Your dentist is someone who will be working with you for your entire life. The dentists at Maryland Family Dentistry look forward to building lasting relationships with you and becoming your first defenses in your battle against decay and dental disease. Your base professional dental care will involve regular exams and cleanings (keep in mind that the “regular” interval can be different for patients with varying needs). On top of those, we’ll offer a few treatments to aid us in providing the best possible preventive dental care and primary treatment.

Dental Sealants

sealentsYour teeth are covered in a layer of enamel, which is composed of various minerals and protects the vulnerable tooth beneath from toxins. While your enamel does an excellent job of preventing decay, it can benefit from some extra help. Many of your teeth, especially your molars, are filled with narrow grooves and pits. These are too miniscule to be easily accessed by a toothbrush, and so allow plaque to accumulate in hidden spots. Over time, the presence of plaque will lead to decay.

By taking action before this can happen, we’ll prevent the need for fillings or restorations down the line. Dental sealants are simple coatings that are applied in a thin layer over problem teeth. Once this coating is dry, it acts as an enamel support for decades to come.

Digital X-Rays

Columbia Teeth X RaysX-rays are an invaluable part of preventive dental care. Without these revealing images, your dentists wouldn’t be able to spot hidden pockets of decay or the earliest signs of disease. X-rays are also indispensible in planning orthodontic treatment, dental surgery, and anything else involving the facial and jaw structures.

You’ve had x-rays in the past and seen the images they produce. We bring them up because Maryland Family Dentistry offers a type of x-ray that allows for a superior patient experience. Our digital radiography x-rays hard and soft tissues without exposing patients to the same amount of radiation – actually up to 50-70% less. Digital x-rays are stored as computer files and are easily enhanced, shared, and manipulated to make patient-dentist communication and coordination of care as quick and simple as possible.

We look forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you and your family. If you’re seeking a dentist to guide you through the coming years, please give us a call!

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