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As you age, your appearance changes. While some of us are lucky enough to see that transformation taking place gradually, many end up taken aback by the speed of the aging process. Aesthetic treatments continue grow more advanced, and there are now options for patients looking for every kind of skin rejuvenation. If you’re hoping for something more subtle, Botox and dermal fillers are available from our dentists.

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Why Dentists are Excellent Botox Providers

To be clear, dentists don’t automatically possess the knowledge and skills they need to provide superior Botox treatment. But they do offer a background in facial musculature and bone structure, with years spent perfecting local anesthesia injections. With special training in filler and Botox techniques, dentists are able to create the precise results that you’ve been seeking.

Our providers have completed advanced courses in cosmetic injections, and would love to tell you more about what you can expect from treatment.

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

We’ll help you understand which treatment option is likely best for your skin. It comes down to where the offending wrinkles are located, and the results you’re hoping to see with injections. Find the facial lines you’re most concerned with to learn about the appropriate treatment:

  • Forehead lines – Vertical and horizontal frown lines are caused by the movements of your forehead muscles. Botox will help relax these muscles so that your skin smoothes and your forehead ceases to furrow so intensely while you’re concentrating or frowning.
  • Crow’s feet – Botox also has ideal effects on lines at the corners of your eyes. It will help stop that skin from wrinkling when you squint or frown, and ease up those aging lines.
  • Smile lines (parentheses) – When you laugh or smile, deep indents can form on either side of your mouth. What good is a beautiful smile if it’s surrounded by wrinkles? With dermal fillers, you’ll see gentle plumping in the area and your lower face looking rejuvenated.
  • Lip lines – Often called smoker’s lines, these small vertical lines cause lipstick to bleed and can have a big impact on your facial appearance. Gentle filler treatments will smooth them out and plump your lips.
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