Glen Burnie sedation dentist Dental anxiety got you down? Whether you realize it or not, that anxiety brings about short- and long-term ramifications within your life. Your stomach is not only tied in knots when the prospect of dental treatment comes up, but you’re also putting your teeth and gums at risk. The longer you go between dental exams, the higher a chance there is that disease will take hold of your mouth.

If you’re nervous about visiting the office, you have a chance to turn your feelings around. We know how persistent anxiety can be – but there are ways to make a difference. If you work with our team, we’ll help you find a way to move forward, and leave your fears in the past. Read on for a few ways that Maryland Family Dentistry can make this possible.

The Vicious Cycle: Dental Anxiety Leads to Dental Problems

If you’re anxious about dentistry, the last place you want to visit is the office. Some patients go to extreme lengths to avoid scheduling – even telling themselves that their tooth pain is nothing to worry about. Ongoing discomfort has no place in your life, but intense fear can make you think that it’s the better bet.

Because patients hesitate to visit, small problems begin to take hold of their teeth and gums. Many of these issues don’t have clear symptoms, and don’t manifest in an obvious way. A dentist will not only be able to spot these problems, but will also provide regular removal of plaque from your teeth and gums – preventing future issues from forming.

It’s key that you break the cycle of dental inattention. Once you’re back in the swing of regular dental care, you’re likely to see fewer cavities and healthier gums. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily – there may be a way we can help you move toward a positive attitude.

Ways to Improve Your Dental Attitude

  • Glen Burnie sedation dentistCommunication – Talk to us! You should never feel ashamed of dental anxiety. It’s incredibly common, and we have a lot of experience helping with it. Tell a member of the Maryland Family Dentistry team that you’re feeling nervous about upcoming treatment, and we’ll take special steps to put you at ease.
  • Patient education – Getting a filling? Facing down periodontal treatment? Dreading a root canal? Doing some research prior to the big appointment will have you feeling more comfortable with the prospect. There are countless patient resources (including our own website!) online – just do some looking around. If you can follow along with the steps of the procedure, you’ll feel better and more involved.
  • Less invasive treatment – Cosmetic and restorative procedures don’t have to be complicated. If you are hoping to make aesthetic or reconstructive changes to your smile, there may be a simpler way to get the job done.
  • Comfortable procedures – Maryland Family Dentistry offers laser dental treatment to improve the patient experience, and make even invasive treatment more manageable.

Dental Sedation in Glen Burnie

Sedation is an important ally in the battle against a fear of the dentist. Anxiety is commonly formed from past negative experiences in the dental chair. By receiving dental sedation, you can undergo more pleasant time in the office, and form new associations with treatment. Different forms of sedation are right for individual patients. Just let us know that you’re interested so that we can prepare – you may need to get a prescription for sedation to take prior to your appointment.

Ready to soothe your fear and engage with your oral health? Simply get in touch!

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