Glen Burnie dental bridges

Modern dentistry offers so many ways to replace missing teeth
– there’s no reason to put up with a hole in your smile!

There’s no disputing that missing teeth change your life. From the daily abilities that you once took for granted (biting, chewing, speaking comfortably), to the larger impact on your life (reduced confidence and altered appearance), a hole in your smile isn’t something that should be allowed to persist. And with the glut of options available for restoration, there’s no reason to sit back and let the damage take hold.

Glen Burnie dental bridges are just one route to tooth replacement, but they’re right for countless patients. If you’re missing a single tooth, or several adjacent teeth, a bridge will rebuild them without downtime or invasive treatment. Read on to learn more about whether a bridge could be right for your grin!

Tell Us More about Your Missing Teeth

If you’re hoping to restore your smile, we’ll need to learn a little more before we can make a treatment recommendation. Schedule a consultation to meet with one of our dentists and receive an examination and treatment plan. It’s time to heal and rehabilitate!

How a Dental Bridge Works

As implied by its name, a dental bridge spans a gap. Whether you’re missing just one tooth, or several teeth in a row, there’s a bridge that will accommodate your needs. There are three standard types of bridges, including:

  • Traditional – The most common type of bridge, this places a crown in the gap, with crowns over the teeth on either side supporting it. The crown is made of porcelain-covered metal or pure ceramic, and blends with surrounding teeth.
  • Cantilever – Used for a missing tooth that doesn’t have healthy teeth remaining on either side, this bridge places several crowns over the teeth that are still in place to gain enough support.
  • Maryland bonded – This bridge is a more complex structure that is held in place with the help of a metal or porcelain framework around neighboring teeth.


Make missing teeth a distant memory – a bridge could help.

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