Glen Burnie laser dentistry

It’s really not impossible to feel like smiling in the dental chair!

Dental anxiety is a common concern for patients – if you’ve ever had a negative dental experience, that affects your future in the office. Our job is to help you view dental care in a more positive light. We strive to accomplish that with cutting-edge tools. Glen Burnie laser dentistry transforms your periodontal treatment, leading to the kind of care that leaves you truly satisfied.

Laser Periodontal Treatment

When you’re struggling with periodontal disease, you’re uncomfortable and uncertain about the future. If disease has affected your gum line, then you’re ready to make a difference as quickly as possible. Soft tissue dental lasers help improve the entire process.

Dental lasers offer patients a few unique advantages:

  • More comfortable – Traditional periodontal treatment involves scaling and root planing, procedures that remove plaque from tooth roots and the areas around the gum line. This can be invasive and require extended healing time. Our periodontal laser removes plaque easily, with the narrow laser beam reaching infected tissue in periodontal pockets. Lasers don’t create the friction that traditional dental tools do, leaving patients requiring less anesthesia and feeling comfortable throughout the process.
  • More efficient – A soft tissue laser completes the job more quickly than a standard scaler or scalpel, getting you in and out of the office as quickly as possible.
  • Briefer healing period – The last thing we want is for dental care to lead to collateral damage, but some treatment methods can affect areas around the treatment site. Because dental lasers are so precise, you won’t have this issue with laser treatment, allowing your gums to heal as quickly as possible.


Wondering if laser dentistry might be right for your mouth? Just get in touch to find answers to your questions.

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