after porcelain veneers

Veneers, or natural teeth? When it’s hard to tell,
your cosmetic dentist has done their job right

If you’ve been considering veneers for your smile, you’ve probably been checking them out in others’ smiles. But not every smile makeover is created equal. Different types of veneers lead to very different results – and we can help you understand why, so that you make the right choice for your own treatment.

Glen Burnie porcelain veneers are thinner, lighter, and more natural-looking than other veneer counterparts. If you’d like to investigate further, schedule a consultation. It’s free of charge to you, and you’ll gain an understanding of what might be right for your unique grin. Just fill out the form below – and keep reading for more veneers info.

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Why Does Thinner = Better for Dental Veneers?

It all comes down to the appearance of natural enamel. This look is exactly what veneers want to imitate – but when they’re thick and bulky, they’re unable to achieve that effect. This is because your natural tooth surfaces allow some light to filter through the enamel, while reflecting the rest. When a veneer is thin enough, it looks the same.

Thinner veneers also manage to transform your teeth without adding unwanted heft to your teeth. With thick veneers, you can see issues like dark triangles forming between your teeth, or your lips being pushed out too far. This makes you look less like yourself, and more like you’ve had dental work done.

For a talented cosmetic dentist, a porcelain veneer is the perfect canvas. It builds the tooth to the appropriate size, shape, and color, and the dentist then adds unique touches that leave the veneer looking completely natural. Gentle shading and superficial shaping will leave your smile looking like it’s truly your own, and banishing the thought of piano key teeth to a distant land.

If you’re hoping to whiten, lengthen, cover chips, add symmetry, or make a variety of other changes to your front teeth, porcelain veneers could be the best best. Get in touch to learn more.

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