Glen Burnie root canal

Tooth feeling under the weather? The pulp could be the culprit

It’s crucial that you pay attention to your teeth. While we have a chance to monitor your smile during dental exams, that opportunity only comes around every six months. What if something pops up in the interim? If you’ve been experiencing a sudden dental sensitivity, sharp pains in your tooth, or noticing a change in a tooth’s color, there’s something wrong – and it might require endodontic therapy to fix.

A Glen Burnie root canal will help you move past the pain, and see a return to health and comfort. While root canals might sound scary, they’re actually nothing to fear. Read on to learn why and when patients benefit from root canal therapy, and get in touch if you think one of your teeth might be ailing.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

Each tooth is composed of a variety of layers. The outermost, the enamel, is the strongest material in the human body. It works hard to protect the more vulnerable portions of your teeth, but it can still be penetrated by decay.

If a cavity progresses, it can move through your enamel, and reach the dentin, the next layer. This is softer than the enamel, and yellower in color. After decay works through the dentin, it reaches the tooth pulp. This is where your tooth’s nerves are located, and is part of the reason infected teeth are so painful.

A root canal removes this infected pulp, allowing you to start fresh. After the pulp is removed, the tooth is filled, allowing you to preserve that structure. The alternative to a root canal is an extraction – and we want to help you preserve your teeth as long as possible. Modern dentistry is highly conservative, and keeping a tooth is always the top priority.

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