Invisalign Ellicott City

On the path toward straighter teeth? We’re excited for you – and we’re here to help out. Patients who choose Invisalign treatment are interested in finding simple, subtle ways to straighten their smiles. The entire process should serve the patient, so it’s best to get prepared ahead of time and avoid any hiccups along the way. Maryland Family Dentistry is here to help. Check out the below list for top tips from our Ellicott City Invisalign provider, and details on why they’re so crucial to your straightening.

What’s Important During Invisalign?

Invisalign Ellicott City

During Invisalign, we have two top priorities: straightening your teeth, and preserving your oral health. These daily habits and precautions play a role in making those goals come true. Curious as to why these steps are key? Here are answers to a few of patients’ most frequently asked questions:

  1. Why is oral hygiene so important during treatment? When you replace your aligners after eating, they fit snugly back over your teeth. If there are food particles between your teeth, bacteria could become trapped, damaging your enamel. We want to ensure that your final smile is both straight and cavity-free.
  2. How can I make sure I wear my aligners enough? If you struggle to remember to put your aligners back in after eating or cleaning, set a phone alarm when you take them out. This will also help prevent you from losing your aligners.
  3. How do I clean my teeth on the go? Stop by the office and ask for a travel toothbrush and mini floss!
  4. When do I need to switch to my next aligner? Each time we dispense a new set of aligners, we’ll let you know the dates that you should switch to each one. Set up an Invisalign calendar to stay on track.
  5. What happens after Invisalign treatment is over? You will likely need to wear retainers to maintain your results; our Ellicott City dentists will give you the instructions you need, and check in to make sure everything stays in place.

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