Cosmetic changes to teeth aren’t solely superficial. The dental work we provide will have a functional benefit as well, making your teeth stronger as they become more beautiful. This is necessary because our teeth are prone to damage and wear by so many sources in our lives. As time goes by, we see our teeth become fractions of their former selves, and even lose teeth entirely. Restorative dentistry tackles the changes aging teeth have suffered while keeping aesthetics in mind. Our Maryland Family Dentistry team will provide you with rebuilt, redone, or entirely new teeth without compromising a natural look and feel.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth aren’t just an aesthetic concern; they open your mouth up to the possibility of disease and dangerous changes. Teeth surrounding the gap left by a missing tooth will begin to shift inward as soon as the tooth is gone. This leads to a chain reaction that can result in further tooth loss. The bite will change in response to the pressure imposed by shifting teeth, potentially leading to TMJ disorders. The spaces foster disease, leading to periodontitis and the decay of neighboring teeth. Your bone density will suffer, and could cause changes in your facial structure. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible prevents these issues and more.

Dental Bridges

Columibia Dental BridgeIf you’re missing just a few teeth, you don’t need to turn to dentures prematurely. Dental bridges span gaps left by missing teeth to replace them. By drawing on the strength of neighboring teeth, bridges restore your smile without taking complicated measures. They also preserve your surrounding teeth and your bite by preventing tooth shift and disease.


Glen Burnie DenturesAny number of missing teeth will have an impact on your life. Your speaking, biting, and chewing will be compromised, and your self-esteem will take a plunge. Partial or full dentures will replace even an entire mouth of missing teeth and restore youthfulness to your activities.

Restoring your smile doesn’t need to be tricky or uncomfortable. Give us a call to discuss which restorative options appeal to you, and set a treatment plan in motion.

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