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With just a little caution, your family can enjoy all your favorite summer activities without facing a dental emergency

The summer is a fun time for you and your family – but it also poses plenty of risks to your teeth. Between outdoor sports, sweets and crunchy snacks, and the busy schedule, your oral health can fall by the wayside. Hoping to avoid a sudden dental emergency? Just check out our tips below. Plus, stay on top of your dental exams by scheduling your family’s next appointments today.

Keep Teeth Intact Throughout the Summertime

  • Wear tooth protection – We know that mouth guards aren’t exactly cool, but they’re incredibly important. If you or your kids are participating in contact sports, a mouth guard should be worn to protect teeth from blows to the face or jaw. When you’re on the field, a lot can go wrong. A custom mouth guard will cushion the teeth and prevent disasters from occurring.
  • Eat right – We know that the summer is filled with trips, activities, and plans, but it’s key that you keep up with your healthy diet. Try to get fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and don’t overdo it on soda.
  • Limit snacking – When you snack, your mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva as when you’re eating a full meal. This allows acids and bacteria to remain in your mouth and cause decay. Try to keep sweets limited to immediately after meals, and rinse your mouth with water after snacking.
  • Drink plenty of water – Water not only rinses away decay-causing acids, but also brightens your smile and hydrates your entire body (especially necessary during the hotter months).
  • Pay attention to your teeth – If something seems like it might be wrong, take action. This will stop the problem before it becomes more serious. Just get in touch to gain peace of mind.
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