Time, age, dark beverages, and daily life have considerable effects on our teeth. Our tooth enamel is the first part of the tooth to suffer, being external. Enamel is porous, and is subject to staining as we go about our daily activities. Dark compounds enter enamel’s pores and become lodged deep within. A stained smile appears to be older than you actually are, and changes others’ ideas about how you take care of yourself. Fortunately, a darkened smile doesn’t need to go unchecked. With hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening, we’ll remove those stains to return brightness to your teeth.

Why Teeth Whitening Is So Effective

Some patients underestimate teeth whitening by wondering whether this simple treatment could make a big difference. In reality, choosing to brighten your smile will affect many different areas of your life. Many studies have shown that teeth are one of the first things new acquaintances notice when meeting you, and are therefore a basis of judgment for what you are like as a person. Sometimes, it really can be all about appearances: no matter the true state of your oral health, yellowed teeth communicate a poor level of personal care and wellbeing.

Whitening your teeth will flip that first impression around, communicating strong health before you even speak a word. With whiter teeth, you’ll be more comfortable leading with your smile, and will immediately come off as a friendly and confident person. In this way, whiter teeth lead to emotional, social, and professional advantages. Better yet, all this is possible with just a single whitening appointment.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

teeth whitening before after
When deciding how to whiten, you’ll need to determine exactly what you want out of treatment, and how quickly. For the sake of our patients’ time constraints and comfort, we recommend professional, in-office Zoom! whitening. This treatment will take 1-2 hours and will have you whitening under our supervision. We’ll apply hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and activate the whitening with a special light. Results will be immediately noticeable, and cemented with your own home whitening in the few days following treatment.

If you’re comfortable with more gradual whitening, we will provide you with custom whitening trays so that you may whiten at home. Wear the trays several hours a day for 3-4 weeks to see eventual results. This is preferable for patients wishing to whiten at their own pace, for those with sensitive teeth, and for those with busy schedules.

Visit our Before and After gallery to see some of our whitened smiles, and get in touch to begin your own transformation.


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