worn teeth ColumbiaEroding enamel is no big deal, right? While the damaged tooth (or teeth) in question may not seem significant, that lack of structure is going to have an impact on your life. When your teeth look short or damaged, that speaks volumes about who you are as a person (even if that’s unfair). We judge one another at a moment’s notice, and the judgement may not fit who you truly are if your teeth are sending the wrong message.

Learn why your teeth are worn, what to do about it, and what you stand to gain from restoring your grin.

Why Do Teeth Become Worn?

Our teeth have several layers. The outermost is the enamel. This hard shell protects the inner portions, gives your smile its white color, and determines the aesthetics of your teeth. Every day, you perform actions that impact your enamel. While it is the hardest substance in the body, enamel isn’t totally invincible – if you put undue pressure on it, it will crack.

The habit that is most harmful to enamel is bruxism, or chronic grinding. When you rub your upper and lower arches against one another, the enamel gradually erodes. Combined with the natural aging effect of enamel (it tends to thin as the yellow dentin within thickens), this can leave noticeable marks on your grin.

What Do Worn Teeth Say About Me?

As we mentioned earlier, smiles play a big role in first impressions. And we can be pretty brutal when evaluating new people. Because of their connotations with aging, worn teeth make you look older than you really are. Since they show a smile that hasn’t been maintained, worn teeth can also cause you to seem less capable, like you’re not in control. This will affect both your professional and personal relationships – and it shouldn’t, since it’s really quite easy to fix.

Depending on your teeth, you may see improvement with

…just schedule a consultation to learn which is right for you.

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